Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall, Norfolk.

A red brick Jacobean mansion house of the early 17th Century, the estate is now under the ownership of the National Trust.

A highlight of the Hall is the Peter the Great Room, with its large tapestry, it was formally used as a music room.

Barnston Damask, Blickling Hall, South Drawing Room Ref 646

The Peter the Great Room

The Peter the Great Room, damask for walling and furniture.

Silk and wool damask for wall coverings, curtains and upholstery in the Peter the Great Room.

This damask wall covering is listed on the Blicking Hall website, by a member of the house team as a favourite room;

“This room was created to accommodate the tapestry depicting Peter the Great defeating the Swedes at the Battle of Poltawa. As it was built in 1779, it has a completely different feel and mood to the rest of the house. It is very elegant with its high ceiling and Regency décor. The reproduction wall coverings made from wool and damask reflect the day light from the north facing windows giving the room a constantly changing ambiance. I would love to see this room by candle light and being used as a music room once again.”

Project reference: 722

The original documentation of the room featured a heavily glazed wool tammy in a pale orange which was used for linings and chair backs on the Peter the Great Room furniture which was faithfully reproduced in the exact shade

Project reference: 817

The South Drawing Room

Furniture restoration in the South Drawing Room.

A neutral tone silk and cotton broadloom damask for covering furniture in the South Drawing Room. The design features isometric baskets of floral decoration and is thought to be a 19th Century version of a late 18th Century French design.

Project reference: 646