Castletown Cox

Castletown Cox, County Kilkenny, Southern Ireland.

Castletown Cox was built by the Sardinian architect Daviso De Arcort the house is among the best-built in 18th Century Ireland. The building was completed by 1774 for Michael Cox, the then Archbishop of Cashel, it is now a private residence.

It is said that the property was based on Villa La Rotunda, a Renaissance villa just outside Vicenza in northern Italy and on Buckingham House (not palace) in London. Restored by and now home to George Magan, a retired banker and former chairman of the British Conservative Party.

The State Apartments

Redecoration of the State Rooms.

Restoration of the wall covering, window drapes and upholstery in the State apartments, in a striking Medici red brocatelle.

Project reference: 1682

Brocatelle is created by having the ground made up of the weft and the figure created by the warp. The reason for this is that the characteristic of a brocatelle is to have a pouted or raised figure. As a fabric type it is sometimes referred to a poor man’s figured velvet as it is a more cost effective way to have a cloth with relief. By no means an inexpensive fabric, brocatelle harbours a great deal of high quality silk to provide the coverage required in the design but could be an alternative solution to figured velvet.