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  • Jun092015

    Trooping of the Colour

    The Queen’s colours have been woven in pure silk for generations and since 1971 the Humphries weaving company have accurately woven the highly specified plain banner silk. Making the cloth requires the utmost care in handling nature’s most delicate of fibers. The silk is produced thousands of miles away in China where for centuries the ancient art of sericulture has continued to thrive to supply the worlds demand for the precious thread.

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  • May262015
    Ivory Throne

    The Real Game of Thrones

    Here we take a look at some the grandest seats Humphries Weaving have been tasked with weaving upholstery fabric for.

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  • May182015
    1985 weft prep for hand looms

    From shuttle to rapier

    The weaving shuttle is a storage vessel for the weft yarn that is passed from one side of the loom to the other. With shuttle looms the weft is transported through the shed (gap made by parting warp threads) of the woven structure.

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  • May012015
    Taboret Stripe

    Earning Our Stripes

    The weaving of striped fabrics would for the novice seem to be quite straight forward, that by changing the colour of vertical (warp) threads you can achieve a striped cloth.

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  • Apr232015
    verdol 2

    Refining Jacquard

    In fine silk weaving on Jacquard hand looms the limitations were that each harness thread from the mechanism on the top of the loom required a lead weight (lingoes) to keep the tension on the lift. This meant that the physical leg strength needed to press treadles open the weave shed was to ever increase with more and more complex harness layouts being desired.

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  • Apr132015
    Guildhall Library

    Guildhall Library talk ‘Silk: from China to the City’

    The talk will take place at the prestigious Guildhall Library in London from 6-8pm and forms part of the Huguenot Summer series.

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  • Apr102015

    Jacquard’s Weaving Revolution

    If there is one technological invention of the 19th Century that can be said to be life changing, that achievement must surely belong to Joseph Marie Jacquard.

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  • Apr012015
    Hatfield House Websize

    18th Century Silk Damasks

    In today’s modern world of computer driven machinery where the digital programming of weaving looms is the norm, it is amazing to think that little over 200 years ago Jacquard’s programmable invention for the loom had yet to be invented.

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  • Mar232015
    Isabella Stewart Gardener, Blue Room Ref 1244 / 1569

    The Secrets of the Norfolk Tissue

    In the July of 1997 we were approached by the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston USA to reweave the Blue Room textiles and reproduce two old wall covering designs.

    This lead to a summer of detective work and surprising discoveries.

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