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  • Aug012016
    Semi-State Apartments; The Crimson Drawing Room

    Windsor Castle over 1,000 Years

    he textiles in The Green Drawing Room, Crimson Drawing Room, State Dining Room and the White Drawing Room were accurately replicated and woven by The Humphries Weaving Company after the great fire of 1992.

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  • Jul252016
    Long warps on vertical chain mills in the jute industry

    Beaming On – The art of the warp spreader

    For those of you involved in weaving cloth, purchasing your preferred warp yarn is just the start of the yarn manipulation process, as the quest begins for a perfect back beam. For small sample warps of up to approximately 3.2 yards, with the help of a friend pulling manually on the warp ends, you can manage to roll the threads in a fashion that at best, may be adequate and at worst result in broken ends and a bird’s nest!

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  • Jul052016
    Queen Adelaide's Monogram on the headboard

    Belton House fit for a Queen

    The Rococo revival style bed was refurbished from an original 1813 scheme for Queen Adelaide in a crimson and straw taboret stripe with moiré finish.

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  • May312016
    A model showing the hierarchy of at Ham House. The darker shades signifying greater importance.

    The Hierarchy of Ham House

    Ham House, just like any other grand house of its time was home to many people, from servant to owner. However, not all areas were accessible to all inhabitants. For example, the Scullery Maid wouldn’t dare set foot in the upstairs of the house. Here we will explore the heirarchy within the house.

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  • May242016
    Richard Humphries BBC Radio Suffolk

    Richard Humphries on BBC Radio Suffolk

    On Monday 23rd May 2016 Richard joined BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Lesley Dolphin as her sofa guest to reflect on his 50 years in Textile Design and upcoming role as The Upper Bailiff of the Worshipful Company of Weavers.

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  • May232016
    Crimson Interior of the Gold State Carriage

    Richard Humphries, 50 Years In Textiles

    In 1966 Richard J Humphries was first employed as a design apprentice at Warner & Sons Ltd at New Mill, Braintree. It was to be a life-long career path of textile design and a passion to create the most complex and luxurious fabrics possible.

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  • May022016
    Audley Dining Curtains

    The secrets of the dolls house in textile research

    When reproducing historic textiles sometimes we are lucky enough to have the original textile remaining on the walls or the furniture. Even if worn and faded we can often recognise the design and analyse the structure. We will hunt behind hems and seams and under upholstery nails for the tiniest piece of protected original colour. On more than one occassion the dolls house in the nursery has held the key.

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  • Apr112016
    Colouring the Canopy

    Hampton Court Palace Fire 1986

    The fire did give an opportunity for a full review of the restoration programme and the newly appointed Dr. Simon Thurley who was responsible for the massive rebuilding task. The spring of 1986 had seen the reweaving of crimson silk lustring’s in pure silk for Queen Mary’s Closet.

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  • Mar292016
    Silk Worms

    Sericulture in the United Kingdom

    King James 1st dearly wanted a silk industry right across his kingdom and ordered his mulberry for every town and village in the land. Today when talking of Mulberries most will comment on the wonderful berries making excellent jam. Yet it is the humble leaves of the mulberry bush that are the very making of a silk industry, that in China today employs literately millions of people.

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