Our Fabrics

Discover a variety of textures through our unique; striped, plain and figured fabrics


These fabrics encompass plain effects and all over textured surfaces.


Stripes remain a popular choice for many decorative schemes.


The Figured cloths we create include Damask, Tissue, Lampas, Brocatelle, Cotelins and Carriage Cloths.

Fabrics can be designed in traditional weave structures as well as innovative contemporary textures, on both Jacquard and Dobby looms. We take customers individual design ideas and adapt them to the loom, to create a truly unique fabric. Alternatively clients can also take inspiration from our extensive archive of plains, stripes, figured fabrics and original artworks.

Designs can then be woven in various combinations of silk, cotton, linen and wool as well as other natural and man-made fibres. Our fabrics can be developed and produced to fit with your desired colour schemes from our readily available stock shades or custom dye colour.