The figured fabrics we create include Damask, Tissue, Lampas, Brocatelle, Figured Cotelins and Carriage Cloths, examples of which are shown to the right.

We have a long tradition of working with period widths of cloth, manipulating design scales to fit the clients requirements, using the latest CAD technology. Advances in design software and loom capabilities gives us the ability to produce large scale, non-repeating patterns, up to a 130 cm cloth width. Combining established structures and styles with modern yarn varieties can create a fresh and interesting look for figured fabrics in contemporary schemes.

All of us here at Humphries Weaving share a passion for design and frequently explore modern trends within the interiors industry. We often create our own interpretation through our fabric, either applying the trend to a traditional damask or creating a new figured pattern. We often promote these on our Instagram page, which you can view by clicking here.

More examples of our figured fabrics are found on Our Work page. If you have any questions about the types of woven fabric we create, see our contact page.

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