Our People

British Weavers, Humphries Weaving are comprised of a team responsible for Sales and Design which includes Richard, Jenny, Natalie and Bruce. They are in turn supported by a wider network of technicians who are an integral part of the process.

The manufacturing of cloth begins with the pre-production team who prepare the warp and weft yarns, which includes specialist onsite dying and testing. Experienced weavers then hand craft the yarn into sumptuous fabric. Finally the cloth undergoes finishing and inspection before being dispatched to clients across the UK and worldwide.

The team at Humphries Weaving are specialists in their field, trained in both traditional and modern weaving techniques. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the weaving creation process, they offer advice and guidance on the best ways to bring the creative vision of an interior project to life.

“We are a multi-disciplined design team and work closely on a daily basis to ensure we understand the ongoing progress of our work. There is a feeling of unity in the way we work, something that is valued by our clients and in our experience, it is the only way to get the very best results.”  –  Richard Humphries