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Unique fabrics for traditional and contemporary textile design

All our fabrics are woven to order and fully customisable but fall largely into two broad categories, ‘Stocked Yarn Service’ and ‘Custom Yarn Service’. Both categories utilise our teams’ skills and knowledge of Research & Consultancy, Design, Weave Construction, Colour, Sampling and Production.

Over the 5 decades that Humphries Weaving has been designing and weaving fabric in East Anglia we have become well known for weaving ‘short and special’ orders. Special often falls into the category of a nationally important historic restorations with special yarn weights or custom dyed colour but it can also be a snippet of fabric, kept by someone in an envelope for years; just waiting for an opportunity to reproduce it.

Green Colour options

Research & Consultancy

Researching and advising on appropriate colour, construction, yarn and design are an integral part of the development process at Humphries Weaving.



Our team are all qualified designers with a background in textiles. We faithfully hand draw historic designs, as well as creating contemporary patterns and textures.

Glossary of terms

Weave Construction

The team is trained in both hand weaving and modern drafting techniques on CAD. This technical knowledge allows the boundaries of design to be explored.

Shade Chart and a Strike Off


Choosing the correct colour is a key element of the design process, whether for historical accuracy or as a more personal and emotive decision.

Colour Trials

Samples & Trials

Sampling is a valuable part of the design development process, this marries together the warp and the weft to bring a clients idea to life.



Our team of yarn operatives, warpers, weavers, tacklers, quality controllers and dispatch staff ensure each order is taken through our systems efficiently.


Humphries Weaving are an experienced custom woven fabric manufacturer with a portfolio of nearly 50 years worth of projects.

To learn about some of the creations we have been involved with, visit Our Work page, or click here to view our Instagram.