We work with colour in two separate ways, stock and custom shades.

Choosing the correct yarn colour is a key element of the design process, whether for historical accuracy or as a more personal and emotive decision. We have a wide variety stocked yarns available and encourage our clients to develop custom dyed fabric when appropriate for their project.

Stock Yarn Colour

At Humphries Weaving, we carry an extensive range of stock yarn colours and fibres. Our shade card is constantly evolving to reflect current and future trends within the industry, as well as incorporating tones from different periods of history. Our stock yarn colours are readily available for development and production, offering our clients an economy in both lead-time and overall costs.

We adhere to commercial matching on all of our stock yarn colours. Each separate dye batch goes through a testing procedure which includes approval by a trained eye in conjunction with spectrometer readings. All dyed yarn undergoes testing for abrasion and light fastness.

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Custom Yarn Colour

Humphries Weaving also offer a custom colour development service in line with British Standards. We have our own on site dye works where we are able to carefully create our own unique dye recipes to match historical documents, yarn wraps, fabric samples or Pantone references. This facility is utilised by organisations like the National Trust and clients whose exacting requirements fall outside of our stock yarn shades, where a unique or historically accurate colour is essential. This practice often goes hand in hand with our Textile Research and Consultancy services, discovering colour references through careful analysis of remaining fabrics and cross referencing our knowledge of previous projects.

With our guidance clients can select stock, custom or a combination of tones. Our expertise in developing colours and our extensive archive of colour references enables us to achieve precise and highly accurate results.

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You can also view some of the design work we have recently been involved with visit the “Our Work” page. If you have any questions about our custom dyed fabric and colour services please see our Contact Us¬†page.

Approving custom dyed colours and matching to original

Approving custom dyed colours and matching to original