Samples & Trials

Sampling is a valuable part of the design development process.

Trials are a valuable part of the design development process and Jacquard weaving allows us, in conjunction with the client, to experiment with colour, design, texture and construction. This stage brings together all the elements of research and planning for the first time.

Although we do not offer sample weaving as a standalone service, we do produce trials as a matter of course on each individual project. We also undertake hand-loom sampling on select projects as well as Jacquard weaving. Using this specialist loom equipment allows us to be flexible and produce small sections of the material for the client to approve the colour and construction in advance of going into full production.

We are constantly running warps in silk and cotton in standard colours, ensuring a fast turnaround. Many of our trials will take place on our section sample looms. This is where stripes of all our stock warp colours are woven together. These warps are run by Humphries Weaving’s specialist sample weavers, who are experienced working with different designs, pick rates and constructions. This process allows us to provide our clients with a blanket of colour, presenting various combinations of warp and weft colours to choose from.

This is an exciting time for clients as it is often the first time they have something tangible to handle and are able to see the final design, colour and construction of their project. When working on historic restorations with private individuals and organisations like English Heritage or the National Trust , this is also an important part of development process to recreate the most authentic textiles.You can view some of the projects we have been involved with by visiting the “Our Work” page.

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