Textile Research and Consultancy

Research and planning represents an integral part of the weaving design process.

Textile research and consultancy represents an integral part of the weaving and design process for Humphries Weaving. It is important in order to understand exactly what a project needs to achieve, a period in history a fabric needs to reflect, how it is going to look and be used in a specific interior.

At Humphries Weaving we undertake in-depth textile research and consultancy for our clients. Since the early 1970’s, we have worked on numerous prestigious schemes, collaborating with esteemed academics, decorators, architects and contemporary design practices. During this time, we have also built strong relationships with national museums and their collections.

As British manufacturers we are on hand to advise on specific types of weave, fabric construction, yarn choices and the production process. Through the completion of projects we have developed our very own extensive archives of textile documents, artwork and colour references. We use these resources to supply our clients with detailed advice and recommendations when it comes to designing and restoring interiors and furnishings.


At Humphries Weaving every project is special and unique and we are passionate about recommending the best, high quality solutions for our clients. The images in the case studies below highlight some of the textile research and consultancy we undertake in order to bring a project from ideas and inception, to realisation. You can also find out more about the custom fabric development process by clicking here.

Dumfries House

Humphries Weaving pieced together the design for The Blue Drawing Room, The Family Bedchamber and The Family Parlour at Dumfries House from remaining fragments discovered on a chair from the house that was thought to be the original covering. The design was also found in the Humphries archive and redrawn to recreate the original design.

The damask in pure silk for festoon curtains and upholstery is woven narrow width, to accurately replicate the historical importance of the fabric.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the our work page for Dumfries House.

Chatsworth House

Humphries Weaving worked closely on the important restoration of the George II State Bed and chamber, with the house curator, Denna Garrett and independent textile historian Annabel Westman. We reproduced the fabric on the George II State Bed to make new treatments for the headboard and window drapes.

Pure silk damask in crimson and gold for the refurbishment of the George II State Bed and State Bedroom window drapes at Chatsworth House. The design was narrow woven and redrawn from the existing early 18th  Century bed furnishings.

You can learn more about this project by visiting the our work page for Chatsworth House.