Humphries Weaving has an established reputation for providing unique British made fabrics to the high end decorator market both in the UK and worldwide.

british made fabrics

We discreetly collaborate with luxury brands and studios to provide ongoing bespoke design developments, dedicated service and reliable production to facilitate unique British made fabric collections.


We take time to understand a brands aesthetic and convert their signature design inspiration into woven cloth; whether organic and traditional, or geometric and sharp. We pride ourselves on taking the time to create and combine complex layers of the design process. This can include hand drawing and manipulation of artwork and weave structure, which helps us to achieve the less mechanical finish for which we are renowned.

Our British made fabrics can be woven on a selection of stock warps which work as an adaptable base for our wide range of noble fibre weft yarns including cotton, viscose flax, linen, wool and silk. The availability of these warps and weft yarns at our Sudbury Silk Mills site means that we are able to offer competitive lead times and can reliably service repeat business. By being respectful of the confidential nature of the business we have built trusting and long lasting relationships.

We are also commissioned by designers, architects and interior decorators for bespoke contemporary projects. Often they have been unable to find the perfect fabric off the hanger and come to Humphries Weaving for our customisable approach.


As everything we make is woven to order we are able to adapt to clients specific requirements; be it design, scale, colour, yarn type, weight, texture or finish. Clients draw inspiration from our large archive of previous work and ask us to present development ideas or come to us with a clear design direction and finalised artwork.

We thrive equally when generating ideas from trends within the interiors world and are often inspired during our visits to London galleries like the Tate Modern and the V&A. We frequently explore creativity through woven construction and enjoy using a wide variety of fibres in our British made fabrics. Our sensitive approach avoids clunky computer generated repeats and auto-filled textures to provide authentic and sophisticated fabrics to bring our clients vision to fruition. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with a member of our team visit the Contact Us page, or click here.


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British made fabrics from Humphries Weaving

Discover a variety of textures and designs by exploring Our Fabrics



These fabrics encompass plain effects and all over textured surfaces.



Stripes remain a popular choice for many decorative schemes.



The Figured cloths we create include Damask, Tissue, Lampas, Brocatelle, Cotelins and Carriage Cloths.