Transport Restoration Upholstery

Transport restoration upholstery is a natural follow on from our historic building restoration work; renewing the interiors of carriages, train coaches, classic cars and heritage buses.  

Humphries Weaving have supplied a wide range of transport restoration upholstery, curtains and trims for both heritage vehicles and more modern classic vehicles. We are experienced at making suggestions of appropriate design where there is little evidence of the original textile or can recreate original fabrics that are no longer in production.

As well as providing fine silk interiors for Royal carriages, we have provided heavy weight transport restoration upholstery fabric for buses. We often work with transport museums, collectors and enthusiasts to recreate short runs of specialist cloths, that provides the finishing touches to unique restorations. An example of this is our Alpha Romeo cloth, and you can find out more about the project here.

The Gold State Coach Ref 266

All of our transport restoration upholstery fabric is woven in England and it is a great opportunity to explore a wider variety of fibres such as our heavier cotton chenille.

We have worked in the UK and Europe producing interior fabrics for other classic and vintage cars as well as train carriages. We enjoy working with car clubs to learn about the history of these vehicles and we have had great success at bringing these incredible cars back to life In Australia we have supplied a variety of fabrics for the 1977 Leyland Mini L.S. .

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