1914 Daimler Limousine

1914 Daimler open drive limousine for the Empress of Korea

Seen at the Royal Museum, at the entrance to Gyeongbok Palace and a temporary home for the National Museum of Korea from 1995 to 2005.

This vehicle was built by The Daimler Motor Company of Coventry UK, for the use of Empress Sunjeong, the wife of Sunjong, the final emperor of Korea. It can carry seven people, and has a 3.3L 4-cylinder engine of 20 horsepower tax rating. Notable is the floral imperial seal on the side door, even though by the time this vehicle was built, Korea was a Japanese colony and the empress was deposed and without any real power. This is the oldest motor vehicle in existence in South Korea, and one of only three surviving 1914 Daimlers in the world.

1914 Daimler

Upholstery restoration

Humphries Weaving were commissioned by Wildae Restorations Ltd to weave watered gold silk damask for the interior upholstery and glazed cotton Holland blinds for the internal windows.

We also supplied broad and narrow width carriage lace in gold/straw silk and wool.

Project References: 1717 / 1697