Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider; Stripe

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider by Pininfarina was introduced in 1955. It was the Italian firms first post war convertible motor vehicle which remained in production until 1965. The Spider nameplate originates from the English word “speeder”, a two-person open horse-carriage.

The car remains a much sort after classic car today and Humphries Weaving were approached to create a replica fabric of the distinctive seat upholstery.

Alpha Stripe Ref 2160

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, Upholstery Restoration

The original upholstery cloth would have been manufactured in bulk for a run of cars, however, for those looking to restore these classic cars to their former glory sourcing a relatively short run of fabric can be difficult. At Humphries Weaving we were able to imitate the cloth for a minimum run of just 15 metres.

The original cloth upholstery features a fine rib structure in a madder blue/grey tone with a fine black pencil line stripe between the alternating colours. Humphries Weaving created a reproduction in cotton and polyester, the structure was carefully designed to push the tightly woven blue threads into raised ribs to create texture. The polyester in the cloth adds an extra element of strength, which is particularly important for upholstery and especially so for commercial or vehicle use.

Project reference: 2160