British Embassies Abroad

British Embassies Abroad.

British embassies abroad are home to staff of the British government working overseas. They deal with areas such as diplomacy, defence, counter terrorism, trade and can be on hand to deal with an international crisis. They also offer consular assistance to British citizens living or travelling abroad.

As a place to welcome Royalty, dignitaries, politicians and trade envoys, British Embassies abroad are decorated in a manner fitting to a Royal Palaces or government buildings that you would find at home in the UK. Their style often reflects important periods of design or architecture and they can often be decorated with original items of furniture and other decorative arts. 

The British Embassy Moscow

The British Embassy, Moscow, Russia.

Humphries Weaving supplied silk and cotton damask in pale gold for the upholstery of a gilt furniture suite.

There is another version of this design in the Warner Textile Archive first woven in 1922 and the design is also used at the British Embassy in Morocco (see below).

Project references: 787 / 1271

The British Embassy Vienna

The British Embassy Vienna, Austria

Humphries Weaving supplied three damasks of differing designs for refurbishment of curtains within the Embassy.

Firstly, a green and beige wide woven silk and cotton damask, as pictured. The colour and design were developed carefully to match an existing cushion cover held by the Embassy. This same design can be seen at the Palace of Holyrood House, Scotland and Longleat House, England.

Project reference: 621

Secondly, a wide woven cotton damask in beige.

Project reference: 700

Thirdly, a silk and cotton stripe damask in dark blue and yellow.

Project reference: 877b

The British Embassy Morocco

The British Embassy Morocco.

A silk and cotton damask in sea green and white for window drapes.

There is another version of this design in the Warner Textile Archive first woven in 1922 and the design is also used at the British Embassy in Moscow (see above).

Project reference: 380

The British Embassy Prague

The British Embassy Prague, Czech Republic

Cream silk and wool bombazine for the window drapes.

Project reference: 1124

The British Embassy Cairo

The British Embassy Cairo, Egypt

Heavy plain silk taffeta in pale yellow for window drapes.

Project reference: 461

The British Embassy Paris

The British Embassy Paris, France

The restoration of the embassy was carried out by Mlinaric, Henry and Zervudachi, who commissioned Humphries Weaving to weave fabric for the redecoration of the State Dining Room. We provided pure silk damask in a deep rust red for walling and curtains.

The design is from the late regency period and contains the popular fern and wreath motifs, the same design is also used at Hopetoun House, Scotland.

Project reference: 1670