Down House

Down House, Kent.

Down House is most famous for being the 19th Century home of English Naturalist Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin and his wife Emma moved into the Down House between 1838-42 to accommodate their growing family. Here they lived as a family until Darwins death in 1882.

The property is now under the management of English Heritage and many of the rooms have been preserved to show how they were when he was working in them, especially his study where he wrote many of his famous works. The house is set in extensive gardens which fueled his interest in science and evolution.

Stafford Tissue, Down House, Furniture Upholstery Ref 1517

The Sitting Room

Fabric restoration for the Sitting Room window drapes.

Humphries Weaving were commissioned to supply an all wool narrow woven damask in coral for the restoration of the Sitting Room window drapes.

Project reference: 1516

Fabric for the upholstery of sitting room chairs.

Silk and wool narrow woven tissue in blue with sage and tan figure. The tissue was originally designed by Bruce J. Talbert in the 3rd quarter of the 19th Century. There is also a version of this design in the Warner Textile Archive.

Project reference: 1517