Dunham Massey

Dunham Massey, Altrincham, Cheshire.

Dunham Massey is a large Georgian house owned by the National Trust at the bequeath of the 10th Earl of Stamford in 1976 as he had no heirs. Between 1917-1919, during the First World War, the house was transformed into a military hospital. It became a place to rest and recuperate from the trenches for almost 300 soldiers.

In 2014 the house and gardens had a number of special events and exhibitions to mark the centenary of the First World War, recreating the hospital as it would have been for patients and staff. Dunham Massey and the Stamford Military Hospital history formed the feature story in the National Trusts Spring 2014 magazine.

Altrincham Tissue, Dunham Massey , Green Silk Room Ref 2085

Chapel Silk

Fabric for the restoration of the Chapel at Dunham Massey Hall.

It is understood from the house archive that the reredos was manufactured c. 1720 with the other silk decoration being a reproduction from 1908-1909. The 1720’s silk provided a more naturalistic representation of the design than that of its Edwardian cousin which does not have such a delicate attention to the foliage and so it was felt by the curatorial team that we should match the design to that of the reredos.

Humphries Weaving created pure silk Damask in blue for walling and stools. You can read full details of the restoration here.

Project reference: 2601

The finished silk hung at Dunham Massy Hall Chapel. Photograph with kind permission of NT and Dave Jones

Green Silk Room

Fabric for the restoration of the Green Silk Room.

The Green Silk Room was part of a suite furnished in the 1850’s for the 7th Earl of Stamford’s second wife and has undergone a program of restoration.

Pure silk tissue woven broadloom in forest green and silver for the restoration of the bed coverlet. The original 21 inch wide Gothic revival tissue gave 3 repeats of the design which translated perfectly into 8 repeats in the 140cm broadloom width.

Project reference: 2085

The Rose Room

Fabric for the restoration of the Rose Room.

A bedroom and dressing room when the original fabric restoration took place, the Rose Room now houses Dunham Massey’s Silver Collection, only the window treatments still remain.

Pure silk broadloom damask woven in deep burgundy for the Rose bed and dressing room window drapes.

Project reference: 1899