Honda Beat

1991 Honda Beat Fabric

Humphries Waving have built up a close relationship with Juan Alicea Cruz, while he headlines a modern production weaving line for the 1991 Honda Beat fabric, in a variety of vibrant colours.

1991 Honda Beat

Grey & Black Honda Beat Restoration

In 2020 Humphries Weaving were approached to recreate the unique Zebra fabric found in the 1991 Honda Beat. On inspection of the origional seat we discovered that the fabric was created as a knitted textile, and we therefore undertook the challenge of creating a weave construction to imitate a knitted fabric.

Once the zebra design was carefully hand drawn and created to scale using our state of the art jacquard looms, and the bespoke weaves developed, we wove the fabric in the origional grey & black colourway for the interior seats.

Project Reference: 4293

Additional colourways

Blue & Gold Honda Beat Restoration

Once the design had been created we then wove sunshine yellow & azure blue colourway to match the exterior of this custom edition of the Honda Beat.

Project Reference: 4446

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