Milton Hall

Milton Hall, Cambridgeshire.

The largest private house in Cambridgeshire, England, and formerly a part of Northamptonshire. It dates from 1594, being the historical home of the Fitzwilliam family, and is situated in an extensive Tudor deer park.

Milton Hall, Cambridgeshire is a Private residence and not to be confused with another Milton Hall just to the north of Cambridge in the village of Milton which is used as luxury serviced office space.

The Crimson Bedroom

Bed Drapes.

Restoration of an early 18th Century Bed formally at Wentworth Woodhouse. Narrow width pure silk crimson damask featuring the longest repeating damask design yet found from this period, measuring 330cm (130 inches).

The design is of an oriental theme and is thought to have been designed and woven originally in Spitalfields. The original crimson was well preserved in the upholstered head board silk damask, to which the new silk was matched.

Covering the original crimson damask was a blue 19th century 63 inch wide copy of the same design, which may be have been woven By Daniel Walters or Benjamin Warner at Braintree, Essex who wove at this very wide width at the time. 

Project reference: 2145


Window Drapes.

Plain silk and wool rep in crimson used for window drapes in the Crimson Bedroom which features the 18th Century restored Bed from which the drape colour was taken from.

Project reference: 2119 & 2119/a


Plain Applique Cloth.

Then a further plain applique cotton and flax cloth in a natural/stone colourway, developed to imitate crewel work ground.

Project reference: 2161