Rijks Museum

Rijks Museum,  Amsterdam.

Rijks Museum, Amsterdam is a Dutch national museum dedicated to Dutch arts and history, with the collection totalling more than 1 million objects dating from the years 1200–2000.

The building dates to the 19th Century and first opened its doors as a museum on its current site  in Amsterdam in 1808. The museum is a ‘Rijksmonument’ a national heritage site and was designed by architect Pierre Cuypers, also associated with Amsterdam Central Station. In December 2003, the main building of the museum closed for a major renovation, finally being completed in July 2012 and reopening to the public in April 2013. 

Campania Damask, Rijks Museum, Beuning Room Ref 2188

Beuning Room

Fabric for the restoration of wall coverings in the Beuning Room.

Narrow all Wool glazed damask for wall coverings in the restored museum to detail the appearance of an early 18th century fashionable interior.

The green shade was taken from the Rangers House (English Heritage) in the Campania damask pattern, a version of which can be seen at Hampton Court Palace.

The Beuning Room is an Amsterdam style room from the 18th century. Originally the property of Keizersgracht, it is typically a Rocco style room with mahogany paneling and a stucco ceiling.

Project reference: 2188