Sir Ninian Comper

Sir Ninian Comper, Architect.

Sir John Ninian Comper was a Scottish-born architect. He was one of the last of the great Gothic Revival architects, noted for his churches and their furnishings.

He is well known for his stained glass, his use of colour and his subtle integration of Classical and Gothic elements which he described as unity by inclusion. Comper designed a number of alter screens (reredos) and ‘English Alters’ alters surrounded by riddled posts. His work can be seen at many places, including Westminster Abbey and Boston, USA.


Sir Ninian Comper Ref 436

Church Restoration, Scotland

Fabric for the restoration of an unnamed church in Scotland.

Restoration of church furnishing using an original design in rose colour pure silk damask.

Project reference: 436

Often damask is referred to as a type or style of fabric relating to the pattern but in fact is a structure of cloth. In broad terms damask consists of one warp and one weft; a single cloth construction. Generally damask features satin in the ground of the design, showing more warp colour and a sateen in the figure showing more of the weft colouring. Good examples of damask can be seen up and down the country in grand stately homes, royal residences and churches.