The Clothworkers’ Company

The Clothworkers’ Company

An ancient livery with a rich textile heritage. Founded by Royal Charter in 1528, the original purpose of The Clothworkers’ Company was to protect its members and promote the craft of cloth-finishing within the City of London.

Commemorative notebook

Pure silk tissue for notebook binding

In 2017 Humphries Weaving were approached by the Clothworkers’ Company to design and weave a pure silk tissue in a unique design for the annual livery dinner gift.

The design included the company motto “My trust is in God alone” and the Ram from their coat of arms; along with symbols associated with textiles such as the flax plant and silk moth.

The design was woven as a placement so that each layout could be hand bound onto a notebook. The original hand sketches were very detailed and so great care had to be taken in applying weave structure in order to achieve the level of detail. For more information about our design services click here.

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