The Crown Jewels, The Tower of London

The Crown Jewels, The Tower of London.

The Crown Jewels are a collection of precious ceremonial objects that form part of the Royal Collection. They are housed at the Historic Royal Palace’s site of The Tower of London and the display is open to the public and visited by millions every year.

Humphries Weaving have been involved in providing the highest quality fabrics for use within this exceptional and unique display.

Crown Velvet

Handcut Crimson Silk Velvet for Crowns.

On display in the Jewel House, The Tower of London, is the Humphries Weaving hand cut crimson silk velvet. This was used for the restoration of specified Crowns within the collection.

As the velvet is made by hand, every line must be delicately woven and carefully cut. A whole day of hand weaving can result in as little as 1 metre of fabric being produced and is therefore only commissioned for most prestigious projects. Hand cut velvet is usually desired over machine cut because no pile is created, resulting in increased luminosity and the highly luxurious finish.

There are also paste copies of these articles at Westminster Abbey.

Project reference: 1187


Crown Jewel display cushions

Fabric for display cushion in the Jewel cases.

As well as the crown velvet, Humphries Weaving also supplied a silk and cotton repp fabric, with a watered finish, in both deep blue and plush red. This fabric was then made into cushions for use within the  Jewel display cases.

Project reference: 1296 / 1310