tHEE VESTMENTS explores contemporary life and culture through the creation of wearable celebratory artifacts that illuminate our unseen world and celebrate the beauty found within the cracks in the façade.

Through a series of capsules, each piece is created with woven and embellished textiles, raw silk, wool, linen….. reclaiming words and shapes from ancient and contemporary sources.

All images and additional content with kind permission of (C) tHee VESTMENTS LIMITED 2018

Wild Roses “Wickerman NewsPrint”

Limited edition scarf

“See: a river running through an industrial city, reflecting both the surface and the depths, the lives and memories, the joy and pain of its inhabitants.

Hear: the voice of Jarvis Cocker singing Wickerman.

Think: his lyrics translated into now dead alphabets creating a wearable memory of an event.”

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Woven in viscose flax and cotton.

Project References: 2321 & 3164

Sons of satin, sons of bitches  “DECADES/PRIVILEGE/HERESY BLANKET”

Limited edition blanket

“See: a mountain veined with minerals, the beauty of the lichens decorating carved memorial headstones of a cliff top cemetery.

Hear: Patti Smith singing  ‘Privilege’,  and Joy Division’s Decades, ‘Heresy’ by Nine Inch Nails

Think: Marianne Faithful’s ‘Evil Glamour’ – everything comes at a cost –  and the rearing pagan glory of the horses of Caligula.”

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Woven in cotton and lambswool.

Project References: 2442 & 3171

**LONDON POP UP: 24-28 APR 2018. 35 BAKER STREET W1U 8EN**