Worshipful Company of Weavers

The Worshipful Company of Weavers, City of London.

The oldest recorded City Livery Company, mentioned in the Pipe Roll of 1130 and granted its first Charter by Henry II in 1155.

It is still a Guild steeped in tradition, but is fulfilling a its role today in a thoroughly modern and practical way. Many of its members are young and enthusiastic and keen to promote the work of the Company. Although it no longer controls “the art and mystery of weaving”, it makes a contribution to textile education through a variety of awards, scholarships and bursaries; nearly a third of the membership is involved in the textile industry.

Chaplain’s Cope

Steeped in tradition the guild has a vast history entwined in the textile industry and continues to promote British weaving and loom craft.

A rich silk and linen brocatelle woven in blue and silver for the Cope of the company Chaplain. This same design can also be on furniture restoration at the Queen’s House Greenwich.

Cope project reference: 1008

Also woven was a plain repp silk in apricot for the embroidery base of the Chaplains stoll.

Stoll project reference: 2070


Funeral Pall

Funeral Pall of the Worshipful Company of Weavers.

Silk and cotton tissue in deep midnght blue and gold. This was woven in a unique large scale, single placement design for the replacement Funeral Pall of the Weavers Company. 

Richard Humphries also gifted a box which he expertly hand crafted from different woods collected from old hand loom equipment.

Project reference: 2073

Upper Bailiffs Chair

Upper Bailiffs Chair.

Dip dyed blue silk and grey wool damask for upholstery of the Upper Bailiffs Chair dated 1710.

Project reference: 1765