Alex Daniels BA (Hons)

Alex Daniels BA (Hons)

Account Manager

Alex Daniels studied Textiles in Practice at the Manchester School of Art, which is the second oldest art school in the United Kingdom. She specialised in woven textiles and her time drawing, designing and hand weaving fabric has fuelled her great passion for the industry. Alex graduated with honours and her final collection was awarded the Context Weavers prize, the Alumni Prize and the Retail award.

Alex has worked in various woven design studios across the country and is now enjoying applying the skills she has accumulated to the broad range of fabrics that pass through the Humphries Weaving office on a daily basis.

“It is so exciting to be restoring the most luxurios silk damasks, while simultaneously designing contemporary heavy weight fabrics for leading interior decorator brands.”

One of the most interesting elements to her role involves the research and consultancy, and Alex finds it fascinating to piece together all of the missing components of the story of a piece of woven fabric.

“Knowing that you are playing a role in bringing textiles that are hundreds of years old back to life is incredibly special and a privilege.”

Alex’s role will involve hand drawing designs, applying colour and appropriate yarns and managing customer enquiries, as well as larger projects, and she is very much looking forward to what her future brings with Humphries Weaving.