“Fit for an English Sun King”

“Fit for an English Sun King”
March 6, 2019 humphriesweaving

Humphries Weaving featured in March 6th 2019 issue of Country Life Magazine.

We were thrilled to be included in this weeks issue of Country Life Magazine as part of the 6 page feature on the completed restoration of the Brighton Pavilion Saloon silk. Pick up a copy to learn more about the room “Fit for an English Sun King”.

Country Life Brighton Pavilion

If you would like to learn more about the research that lead to the restoration then please click on the video link;

Visit our Brighton Pavilion Project page if you want to discover more. 

  • Humphries Weaving is a leading British manufacturer of custom Jacquard fabrics proudly based in Sudbury, Suffolk. We believe in design excellence and integrity above all else and use our extensive knowledge, unique archive, and technical skill to produce beautiful and interesting fabrics for the world’s most prestigious clients. For more information visit; www.humphriesweaving.co.uk
  • The restoration of the Saloon at the Royal Pavilion has been funded by donations from the public, Royal Pavilion & Museums Patrons and Members, and grants from The Monument Trust, The Mercers Company, The Georgian Group (FE Cleary Fund), The J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust, The Osborne-Wellard Trust, The Pebble Fund, the Royal Pavilion & Museums Foundation (registered charity) and the Royal Pavilion & Museums (Brighton & Hove City Council).

The Saloon