Richard Humphries on BBC Radio Suffolk

Richard Humphries on BBC Radio Suffolk
May 24, 2016 humphriesweaving
Richard Humphries BBC Radio Suffolk

Richard reflects on 50 years in textiles for BBC Radio Suffolk.

On Monday 23rd May 2016 Richard joined BBC Radio Suffolk presenter Lesley Dolphin as her sofa guest to reflect on his 50 years in Textile Design and upcoming role as The Upper Bailiff of the Worshipful Company of Weavers.

Richard was invited to show Lesley some of the wonderful and unique fabrics that he has woven for our Royal Palaces and answer some of Lesley’s ‘Key Questions’.

You can listen to the episode on BBC iPlayer here until 21st June 2016 and you can hear Richard from 1:07:00 onward.

Richard talks about how he has always ‘Just made what people wanted, made to order. Humphries weaving has survived because we are highly specialised’

‘Figured and hand cut velvet are at the top, they are the hallmark of a fine weaver. And we are the only people left in England who can make it’

‘Sudbury, Suffolk is the silk capital of the UK, with more silk produced here than anywhere else in the country’. 

You may also be interested to read the article produced in line with this career milestoneRichard Humphries, 50 years in Textiles‘. Here Richard reflects on some of his highlights and special projects.