April 16, 2021 humphriesweaving

Humphries Weaving approach to sustainability is focused on four core categories; Products, Processes, Environment and Social. To request a full copy of our Sustainability report please click here.

Humphries Weaving is located at Ashburton Lodge, the Victorian mill manager’s house and the same building where we first started manufacturing in 1972. Here we undertake design development, project management, host showroom visits and utilise our unique colour and design archive.

Sudbury Silk Mills is our weaving mill situated close the river Stour in Suffolk, England. The site overlooks ancient water meadows, a rural idyll that has remained untouched for centuries.

Sudbury silk mills image

As a vertical production jacquard weaving mill, the entire process from yarn dyeing, warping, jacquard program designing, weaving to finished fabric can be followed through the factory. There are 48 looms in operation at the mill, producing a wide range of fabrics of exceptional quality, all custom-woven to order. Our highly skilled weavers and technicians undertake all the weaving on site, and every metre of fabric is inspected by hand before leaving the mill.

Julius Walters is the Managing Director of Sudbury Silk Mills (SSM), a group of companies involved in the manufacture of a wide range of textile products for customers worldwide. This report focuses on areas of progress and performance in all areas of sustainability that are important to our stakeholders and also to the success of our business. Sudbury Silk Mills recognises the importance that its customers and staff place on sustainability and is developing meaningful key performance indicators to enable the board to monitor the group’s progress in meeting its objectives and responsibilities in these areas.

We look forward to sharing future developments in relation to Our Community & Environment.