Guildhall Library talk ‘Silk: from China to the City’

Guildhall Library talk ‘Silk: from China to the City’
April 13, 2015 humphriesweaving
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On the 23rd July 2015 Richard is giving a talk titled ‘Silk: from China to the City’.

The talk will take place at the prestigious Guildhall Library in London from 6-8pm and forms part of the Huguenot Summer series.

Learn more about Richard’s career in textiles 

Richard Humphries’ journey within the textile manufacturing industry began in the mid-1960’s. He was apprenticed into the textile trade as a design trainee with the well-established and renowned firm of Warner and Sons Ltd.

His own business began when he was still just 20 years old in Sudbury, Suffolk. Today he sees the interest in British made fabrics rekindled, as demand for high quality continues to grow.

Richard’s talk will bring to the forefront the inheritors of the silk weaving traditions of Spitalfields and reveal the success of sumptuous silk.


Tickets are available from Eventbrite priced at £5.95 (including booking fee) and also includes a wine reception.


Explore some of the sumptuous silks that Richard discusses in his talks