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Passionate about quality fabric construction and design

With a reputation for infallible research and planning, we are proud to have worked in collaboration to produce custom woven fabrics for Royal residences, historic houses, academic institutions and private individuals, to name a few, both in Britain and abroad.

Our people are known in the industry for their encyclopaedic knowledge of artistic and historic references which enable us to produce truly memorable work. Our passion for quality British manufacturing drives each project. Whether we have been commissioned for a restoration in a Royal residence, or to develop a fresh new design, our trained designers create custom woven fabrics and diverse textiles from contemporary to accurate historic reproductions.

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National Trust


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Historic Buildings

Custom woven fabrics for Royal Residences 

Royal Residences



 Custom woven fabrics for Museums & Galleries

Museums & Galleries

Custom woven fabrics for Transport


 Ceremonial custom woven fabrics


 Contemporary custom woven fabrics


 Custom woven fabrics for transport & special projects

Special Projects

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