Custom Yarn Service

This service is for projects where exact colour or yarn weight is fundamental and encompasses custom dyed warp and weft colours, specialist yarn weights, double beam weaving and our uncontrolled moire finish. This service is utilised by academic level historic restorations  and decorators or private individuals with exacting requirements for custom dyed silk and other fibres.

Our minimum order is 30 metres and prices are based on the quantity required. Custom dyed silk and other fibres can be dyed to match existing fabrics or replicate historic colours from our extensive archive. You can choose a design from our archive or we can work on something completely unique to you. Double beam weaving allows us to undertake complex cloths such as figured armure and taboret stripes. Clients also come to us for our uncontrolled moiré finish.

Custom Figured Fabric 

Our most popular quality from our custom yarn service is silk damask and half silks such as cotton and wool and multi colour tissues. We have an archive entry for every custom dyed silk that we have produced meaning we can assist with research and suggestions for period colour.

We often colour match to existing decorative schemes, a favourite painting or object in both historic or contemporary settings.

Custom Moiré

Our plain or stripe moiré finish is a popular quality for both historic restorations and to add textural interest to modern schemes.

Also known as ‘watering’ the fabric our moire finish is supplied at narrow width and is beautifully uncontrolled throughout the length, which makes it popular for large drops such as walling and grand curtain treatments.

We can also apply this finish to select stock yarn fabrics which take on a lighter definition.

You can view more of our Plains, Stripes & Figured fabrics here for inspiration or contact us if you have a project to discuss. Alternative to see snapshots of what we are working on please follow our Instagram.

British made jacquard fabric custom dyed silk