Introducing our fine viscose yarn

Introducing our fine viscose yarn
September 27, 2019 Alex Daniels

Introducing our fine viscose yarn, an alternative to silk providing increased abrasion

In recent years we have seen a demand for fabrics that have the look and feel of silk, but with an increased abrasion performance. We have been exploring solutions that meet both requirements and have spent a long time testing different yarn compositions and weights within our popular historic and decorator qualities. We are now carrying out sampling for regular customers and seeing an increase in the popularity of using fine viscose yarn.

Viscose is a regenerated cellulose-based fibre derived from wood pulp. It is made by extruding the fibre into long continuous filament and is therefore very similar to silk when comparing their compositions. To meet the demand we have introduced a new stocked range of Fine Viscose, which are available in a wide variety of colours that compliment the existing commonly used yarns, like silk, cotton and wool.

Viscose fabrics with colour tabs

Fabrics developed using fine viscose in the ground and linen in the figure, alongside a selection of the new fine viscose colours.

Although silk and fine viscose contain many similarities, one of the main differences involves the durability of the yarn. Where the longevity of the fabric is key the fine viscose provides a much higher abrasion result. Therefore, fine viscose offers a more suitable fibre for high use projects. This has made the fine viscose yarn really popular within the decorator market where the upholstery fabric will be in frequent use.

There are many benefits to using fine viscose and it is a popular substitution for silk as it has good lustre and drape. As well as it’s handle, fine viscose can introduces benefits where price point is a key focus. This can be done by either using the fine viscose to replace the silk within the fabric, or both yarns can be combined when weaving the fabric to create a cloth that contains the benefits of each.

Viscose and cotton trials and a selection of fine viscose yarn tabs used when considering colour

Viscose and cotton trials and a selection of fine viscose yarn tabs used when considering colour

Introducing fine viscose has been an exciting development for Humphries Weaving and we have enjoyed exploring innovative solutions for traditional fabric qualities. This contemporary approach is something that we anticipate to continue to increase in popularity.

If you would like to see cuttings of the new fabrics please get in touch with a member of the team who will be happy to help with your enquiry.