Travel Journal: American Textiles 2024

Travel Journal: American Textiles 2024
June 25, 2024 humphriesweaving

For 2 weeks in April 2024 Account Managers Alex & Charlotte travelled around 5 states to explore American Textiles

Alex & Charlotte recently swapped the tranquility of Suffolk, England, for a multi-state trip America. The purpose was to research and be inspired by American Textiles, to visit projects previously supplied by Humphries Weaving since 1972, and also to meet some wonderful clients and see their inspiring projects up close.

The first stop was New York City. The bright lights of Times Square were a refreshing contrast to the countryside surroundings in which Humphries mill is located, and this became their new home for the first few days of the trip. Alex & Charlotte enjoyed visiting interior designers and showcasing the Humphries Weaving collection in private viewings. It was also wonderful to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a privilege to be given an exclusive tour of the exhibitions and behind the scenes. Our favorites had to be the The Wrightsman Galleries Tester Bed & the 17th Century English Bed fabrics we had the pleasure of helping to restore many years ago. You can read more about both projects here.

To help inspire our contemporary decorator fabrics, Alex & Charlotte also visited the D&D Research & Design Centre and several showrooms of the industries best interior designers. Having a passion for interiors, its always important to be informed of the latest trends. Inspired from vibrant colour palettes, interesting weave constructions and modern designs will feed into the new developments for our growing Humphries Collection.

The next stop on the state tour was to Virginia. Alex & Charlotte had the pleasure of staying at Colonial Williamsberg, an 18th Century living-history museum and private foundation presenting a part of the historic district. In-between a site visit to develop bespoke luxury textiles for private clients, it was fascinating to explore how American life was in years gone by. Not to mention the interiors – which contained crown jewel colours, complex prints and incredible costumes. They even stumbled upon an old hand loom!

After Colonial Williamsberg the next stop on the American Textiles Tour was George Washingtons Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon is the former residenceand plantation of George Washington, a Founding Father, commander of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War, and the first president of the United States. Here Alex & Charlotte visited the Ayrshire Saxons Blue half silk damask, which was woven for drapes and furniture.

The 4th  State they visited was Wisconsin. Here we are working with a private individual to restore a beautiful silk & linen brocatelle walling. It was great to analyze the fabric together in the room, and we look forward to recreating this in our Suffolk studio.

The final stop was to Los Angeles on the West Coast of America. After visiting a key wholesale customer to present our collection, we visited the Pacific Design Centre. Again, it was lovely to be inspired by American Textiles, furniture and interiors of all styles.

We hope to make this an annual trip. If you would like to book site visit or an appointment to discuss bespoke fabric requirements with the Humphries Weaving team, please contact us now.