Jacquard fabric design

Jacquard fabric design
August 28, 2020 Alex Daniels
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Our Jacquard fabric design is popular for walling, curtains and upholstery throughout both historic & contemporary interiors.

All of our fabric is woven to order and fully customisable, falling largely into two broad categories; ‘Stocked Yarn Service’ and Custom Yarn Service. You can explore both of these services below and see more examples of recent fabrics.

Jacquard fabric design

Drawing the Magnolia Tissue

Over the 5 decades that Humphries Weaving has been producing Jacquard fabric design in East Anglia we have become well known for weaving ‘short and special’ orders. Special often falls into the category of nationally important historic restorations utilising special yarns weights or custom dyed colours. It can equally be a snippet of fabric, kept by someone in an envelope for years; just waiting for an opportunity to reproduce it. Often clients come to us having explored off the shelf options from retailers. However, we can offer more, marrying ideas about yarn, colour, texture and design to create truly unique fabrics. Weaving to order means that we protect resources and eliminate over production.

Our multi-disciplined team are all accomplished in custom fabric design with the ability to understand and hand draw complex images, using both traditional and modern techniques. It is important to establish how something was originally constructed before deciding how we can accurately replicate it. Our attention to detail and the time we dedicate to this stage is the signature of the work that we produce. Often this involves researching historic textiles and analysing similar motifs or settings. We also frequently draw from archive photos, as seen here during the recreation of fabric for the Watts Gallery Artists Village curtains:


Jacquard Fabric Design

We began by recreating the design form the black & white images, (left,) before weaving the cloth seen in the finished room, (right.)


We also work in collaboration with clients to develop contemporary fabrics, either from antique textiles that they have collected or we interpret their own original artwork and from their brief to create a workable textile. We convert these initial ideas into a digital program using our state of the art Computer Aided Design System (CAD) for further development. This method is more timely and efficient than traditional Jacquard card cutting technology, allowing immediate changes in design, scale and construction to meet with the clients wishes.

When beginning a new project we guide our customers down one of the following routes:

Silk Shade Chart custom jacquard fabric

Stocked Yarn Service

We often deal with projects that require a smaller quantity of fabric, the scope of budget is more of a consideration and projects that have a shorter lead time. This stocked yarn service is utilized by decorators, historic houses and private individuals alike for furniture upholstery, a pair of curtains or transport restoration.

Custom Colour Tabs

Custom Yarn Service

This service is for projects where exact colour or yarn weight is fundamental and encompasses custom dyed warp and weft colours, specialist yarn weights, double beam weaving and our uncontrolled moire finish. This service is utilised by academic level historic restorations  and decorators or private individuals with exacting requirements.

Should you have a project or fabric in mind, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team to discuss. You can also keep up to date with the latest projects by Humphries Weaving on our instagram page: @humphriesweaving.