Stocked Yarn Service

We often deal with jacquard weave projects that require a small amount of fabric, the scope of budget is more of a consideration or projects that have a shorter lead time. This service is utilised by decorators, historic houses and private individuals alike.

Our minimum order quantity is just 15 metres and you can choose from our extensive range of ‘in stock’ yarn types and colours on both silk and cotton warps. You can choose a design from our archive or we can work on something completely unique to you. We have established qualities (weights and constructions of fabric) that can easily be applied to designs or we can reproduce a cloth no longer available in the market.

Plain fabrics, repps and smaller repeats

Plain fabrics, repps and smaller repeating designs can be produced on any of our 8 stocked silk warp colours, particularly popular are our red, navy, kiwi, black and honey silk. In cotton warps we offer Beige, Natural or Black.

We have the ability to colour from stocked yarns to create unique textural jacquard weave to compliment your scheme or be a feature cloth in its own right. We hold ranges of Silk, Cotton, Viscose Flax, Wool, Cotton Chenille amongst others.

Larger Repeat Designs

For those larger repeating designs, we have looms with this capability; our black and honey silk warps are always running and one of our most popular approaches is to use these warps as a base and then add colour through the weft. All our cotton qualities can be woven as large repeats as standard.

We have the option to move any of our stocked silk warp colours into the special loom. By far our most popular colour of damask, our red warp was developed as a historically sympathetic and flexible tone that can be ‘pinked up’ or ‘browned down’ to offer a wide variety of shades without the need for custom dye.

You can view more of our Plains, Stripes & Figured fabrics here for inspiration or contact us if you have a project to discuss. Alternative to see snapshots of what we are working on please follow our Instagram.

British made jacquard fabric from Humphries Weaving