Weave Construction

Every member of the design team at Humphries Weaving is trained in both hand weaving and modern drafting techniques.

We have a creative and unique outlook when designing fabric constructions, understanding the qualities of different yarns and how they can be manipulated.

Our designers work in conjunction with the weavers who operate our latest generation of Jacquard looms. This collaborative relationship means we achieve quality results by creating strong, stable fabric constructions. We also have the capability to expose fabrics to Martindale rub tests to give indicative results of how the fabric may perform in its final application.

We use established and traditional fabric structures such as satin, damask, tissue and brocatelle. At Humphries Weaving, we are constantly developing our own modern and unique structures in order to suit the specification of each client’s project.

Offering advice on different types and mixtures of yarn used within a specific construction, we work with clients to ensure the suitability of their selections. We offer a wide range of yarn to choose from including; silk, cotton, wool, linen, metallic and other man-made fibres.

To learn about some of the design work we have recently been involved with, visit Our Work page. If you have any questions about our Weave Construction services, see our Contact page.