At Humphries Weaving, our team ensure each order is taken through our systems efficiently, without compromising on quality.

At Humphries Weaving, our team of yarn operatives, warpers, weavers, tacklers, inspectors and despatch staff ensure each order is taken through our production systems efficiently, to ensure that the customer receives high quality woven textiles.

Every job we undertake is custom woven to order and we do not hold stock of fabrics. We can weave as little as 15 metres in length on stock yarn shades and can accommodate custom lengths for special dye colours. As every project is unique lead times vary, ordinarily custom colour developments will have a longer lead time. We plan each scheme on an individual basis, making sure we manage the clients requirements at every level.

Our production team is broken down into the following key areas of responsibility:

  • Yarn operatives allocate warp and weft thread to each job, from a secure stock controlled environment. This allocation is then made into warps on-site using up to date machinery.
  • Weavers and tacklers are trained to operate and maintain our state-of-the-art jacquard looms, monitoring the quality throughout the weaving process and solving problems as they occur.
  • The quality control department meticulously inspect every metre of cloth for inconsistencies by hand, ensuring that only high quality woven fabric leaves our factory.
  • Dispatch staff diligently pack orders and ship via our preferred courier across the UK and worldwide to our diverse clientele.

To learn about some of the woven textiles we have recently been involved with, visit Our Work page. If you have any questions about our Production services, see our Contact page.

The first steps for creating woven textiles involve dyeing the cones of yarn. These rings hold the cones in place within the dye vats.