The Queen’s House Greenwich

The Queen’s House, Greenwich, London.

The Queen’s House, Greenwich, is a former Royal residence built between 1616–1619 in Greenwich and forms part of the Royal Museums Greenwich alongside The National Maritime Museum, The Royal Observatory and the Cutty Sark.

The Queen’s House, Greenwich, was commissioned by Anne of Denmark, wife of James I (reigned 1603–25) and designed by architect Inigo Jones. The property underwent many phases of restoration during its occupation as a Royal residence and a grace and favor House. It was given over to state use in 1805 by George III and since 2001 the House has been reorganised to showcase the Museum’s fine-art collection.

Much of the fabric restoration work carried out by Humphries Weaving (completed before 2001) has been loaned to Aston Hall in Birmingham for public display enjoyment. For this reason the projects undertaken have been listed by their type rather than their location to make them easier to distinguish in their new location.


Window Drapes

Fabric for window drape restoration originally for the Queen’s House Greenwich.

Damasks of various designs in natural white, green, crimson and grey for the restoration of window drapes in unspecified rooms within the Queen’s House Greenwich.

Project reference: 926  / 987 / 997 / 998 / 999 / 1000

Drapes, Furniture Covers & Walling

Fabric for drapes, furniture covers and loose hung walling originally at the Queen’s House Greenwich.

Brocatelle in white and blue for drapes, furniture covers and loose wall hangings. The design was taken from an existing 17th Century document in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Project reference: 1008

Bed Drape Linings

Fabric for restoration of the bed drape linings or a bed originally at the Queen’s House Greenwich.

All silk lustring in grey for bed drape linings.

Project reference: 974

Throne and Dais

Silk Velvet for the Throne and Dais originally at the Queen’s House Greenwich.

Hand cut silk velvet in crimson for the throne and dais.

Project reference: 924 / 994

Curtains & Bed Case Curtains

Fabric for Curtains & Bed Case Curtains for the Bedchamber at the Queen’s House Greenwich.

Plain natural white sarsnet sun curtains and bed case curtains for the Bedchamber.

Project reference: 1248 / 1258

Wall Hangings

Fabric for Walling originally hung at the Queen’s House in Greenwich.

Mohair camlet in crimson for wall hangings in an unspecified room.

Project references: 989 / 1048

Fabric for Window Drape Linings

Fabric for Window Drape Linings originally for the Queen’s House Greenwich.

All worsted serge de Nimes in crimson, navy and grey for window drape linings.

Project references: 989 / 1045 / 1047