Detroit Institute of Arts Museum

Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA), Detroit, USA.

The DIA’s collection is among the top six in the United States, comprising of a multicultural and multinational survey of human creativity from prehistory through the 21st century.

Founded in 1885, the museum was originally located on Jefferson Avenue, but, due to its rapidly expanding collection, moved to a larger site on Woodward Avenue in 1927. The new Beaux-Arts building, designed by Paul Cret, was immediately referred to as the “temple of art.” Two wings were added in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and a major renovation and expansion that began in 1999 was completed in 2007.

1820 - Detroit Mus. of Art. ref 1467

Belter Sofa

Fabric for the restoration of a Belter Sofa within the DIA.

Pure silk damask supplied for upholstery on a high style 1850’s Belter sofa for an unspecified room.

Project reference: DIA/BELTER

Satin Stripe

Moiré finish Satin Stripe.

Moiré silk and linen narrow woven satin stripe in Apsley yellow, a colour reference related to Apsley House, London. The fabric was supplied for upholstery of the 1820’s Dolphin Sofa.

Project reference: 1467

Chippendale Easy Chair

Fabric for the upholstery of a Chippendale Easy Chair.

Crimson pure silk damask for upholstery on Chippendale easy chair.

This design is also on furniture at Stourhead (National Trust) and there is also a version of it in the Warner Textile Archive.

Project reference: 1448

Furniture Restoration

Fabric for furniture restoration.

Plain poplin in turquoise blue for restoration of unspecified furniture.

Project reference: 1483