Judges’ Lodgings, Lancaster

Judges’ Lodgings, Lancaster.

The oldest town house in Lancaster dating from the 17th Century. Judges’ Lodgings was originally home to Thomas Covell, Keeper of Lancaster Castle and notorious witch hunter who was mayor of Lancaster six times.

Between 1776 and 1975 the house became an impressive residence for judges visiting the Assize Court at nearby Lancaster Castle, Lancashire. The property is now a museum and displays restored period interiors with rooms featuring fine 18th and 19th Century furniture by renowned Gillows of Lancaster.

Judges’ Lodgings is situated in the centre of Lancaster, against the backdrop of Lancaster Castle and Priory. It is an elegant, Grade 1 listed building and was in fact, the first house in Lancaster to have shutters fitted on the windows.


Gaufrage Camlet, Judges' Lodgings Ref 961 / 1010

The Drawing Room & Dining Room

Fabric for the restoration of curtains hung in the Drawing Room & Dining Room.

Woven was a Red camlet that was then embossed which was used for curtain restoration in the Drawing Room and the Dining Room at Judges’ Lodgings.

The rooms are based on the 18th and 19th century style that would have been found in the town house at the time.


Project reference: 961 / 1010