Bedford WTB mock moquette

Bedford WTB mock moquette.

The Ensign Bus Company is a bus and coach operator, open top bus tour operator, bus dealer and restorer based in Purfleet, Essex. Ensign Bus Company commissioned Humphries Weaving to produce a mock moquette based on the original 1937 interior, of which a small, dusty fragment remained.

The fabric was used for seat upholstery and paneling in the restoration of a 1937 Bedford WTB bus.

Seat Upholstery

Mock moquette for bus seat upholstery.

Ensign Bus Company provided Humphries Weaving with a piece of original upholstery found in the Bedford WTB bus dating back to 1937. From the small, dusty original swatch we redrew the design to create a mock moquette used on the seats and two small panels on the ceiling of the bus. Using our cotton stock warp and weft range we were able to match colours to the remaining fragments of original fabric. We utilised a cotton chenille in the weft to imitate the texture of the original cut moquette fabric.

The Bedford WTB 1937 is a single decker bus and can seat up to 25 passengers.

Project reference: 2499

Photographs with kind permission of Ensign Bus Company