The Clothworkers’ Company

The Clothworkers’ Company

An ancient livery with a rich textile heritage. Founded by Royal Charter in 1528, the original purpose of The Clothworkers’ Company was to protect its members and promote the craft of cloth-finishing within the City of London.

Commemorative notebook

Pure silk tissue for notebook binding

In 2017 Humphries Weaving were approached to design and weave a pure silk tissue in a unique design for the annual Clothworkers’ Company livery dinner gift.

The design included the company motto “My trust is in God alone” and the Ram from their coat of arms; along with symbols associated with textiles such as the flax plant and silk moth.

The design was woven as a placement so that each layout could be hand bound onto a notebook. The original hand sketches were very detailed and so great care had to be taken in applying weave structure in order to achieve the level of detail.

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