Gatchina Palace

Gatchina Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Situated 40 km outside of St. Petersburg Gatchina Palace was built 1766–1781 for Grigory Orlov, a favorite of Catherine the Great. The Palace is famed as being the first landscape park in the history of Russia and was a favorite residence of the Imperial Family.The opulently decorated interiors are an exemplary example of Russian Classicism. A vast palace of over 600 rooms that successfully combines themes of a medieval castle and a country residence.

Paul I invested considerable resources in the palace and used his experience from his travels around Europe to make Gatchina an exemplary palace and town. During the 1790’s, Paul expanded and rebuilt much of the palace, and renovated interiors in the sumptuous Neo-classical style. He filled the interiors with very fine French and Italian furniture and artwork from his European grand tour.

Later the palace passed to Nicholas I, his son Alexander II and then Alexander III. Gradually restored since being heavily damaged during World War II the Palace is now open to the public all year round.    

The Gala Bedroom

The Gala Bedroom, or State Bedroom, is a spectacularly decorated room that connects the Crimson Drawing Room and the Empress’s private rooms.

Decorated in powder blue silk and silver metallic thread, the broadloom damask was supplied for the restoration of the bed drapes in the Gala Bedroom. The original walling in the bedchamber was a diplomatic gift from King Louis XVI of France to showcase the skills of French hand weavers.

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