Soestdjik Palace

Soestdjik Palace, The Netherlands.

The Soestdjik Palace was built between 1674 and 1678, it is a former Dutch Royal Palace, now under the ownership of the State of the Netherlands.

The palace started as a hunting lodge between 1674 and 1678 before being extended and transformed as it passed through various hands. Its last Royal occupants were Princess Juliana and Prince Bernard of Holland who lived there for over six decades until their deaths in 2004. The Palace then remained empty and unused for over a year before its opening to the public. Since spring 2006, it has been possible for the public to visit, pending a decision about its future use.

Wool Camlet, Soestdjik Palace Ref 1595

Furniture Restoration

Fabric for restoration of furniture within the Palace.

Humphries Weaving supplied an all worsted maroon camlet for furniture restoration. Plain wool cloths were much desired in the late 17th and early 18th Century within Dutch Royal Interiors. It was imported from East Anglia in ‘woven natural bolts’ of narrow woven cloth, meaning the yarns used were in their natural state. These were then dyed ‘in the piece’ for use in the Dutch home market, or the newly coloured cloths were reimported back to London Merchants for sale in the UK.

Project reference: 1595