1977 Leyland Mini L.S.

1977 Leyland Mini L.S.

The Leyland Mini L.S. was produced in Australia between 1977 and 1978. The L.S. stands for ‘Luxury Sport’ and the model was a special run-out edition created at the end of Australian Mini production.

There was a limited run of just 810 of the vehicle produced and only around two dozen of them remain on the roads today. Humphries Weaving were approached to create a replica fabric of the distinctive seat upholstery which contains raised ribbed dots in a bright cyan blue.

1977 Leyland Mini L.S. Restoration Ref 2236

1977 Leyland Mini L.S.

Humphries Weaving produced the ‘Blue Dot’ fabric to be included in the Restoration of an Australian 1977 Leyland Mini L.S. The fabric is unique to the L.S. model.

The project presented the challenge of creating a fabric that would sit with the original in the car and needed to be of the same colour, texture and design. We were supplied with images, measurements a small 1 cm x 3 cm piece of the original fabric to work from. Several trials were achieved to ensure that the fabric was exactly to the client’s specification.

The original upholstery cloth would have been manufactured in bulk for the full run of cars, however, for those looking to restore these very rare classic cars to their former glory sourcing a relatively short run of fabric can be difficult. At Humphries Weaving we were able to imitate the cloth for a minimum run of just 15 metres.

Project reference: 2236