1902 State Landau

The 1902 State Landau, kept at the Royal Mews, London.

The 1902 State Landau is an open-topped horse drawn carriage built in 1902 for the coronation of King Edward VII.

The carriage is especially designed for private passenger use and for comfort or elegance. The carriage is now most often seen during State visits conveying Queen Elizabeth II and the visiting head of state to Buckingham Palace (or Windsor Castle) at the head of a procession of carriages.

The carriage also played a significant role in several royal weddings, including those of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981; the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson in 1986; and the most recently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge  in 2011. 


The 1902 State Landau

In 2002 Humphries Weaving were approached to undertake weaving for the restoration of the 1902 State Landau. We wove a dark crimson cotton damask for the carriage hood linings and a further crimson duchess satin for the deep buttoned upholstery. Humphries weaving also supplied a special crimson silk-corded thread which was used for the upholstery tuft buttons.

Project reference: 1788 / 1799

Humphries Weaving also supplied narrow and broad width carriage lace which is traditionally used as interior edging and upholstery borders within the carriage.

Project reference: 1786 / 1798