Alles is Omgekeerd

Alles is Omgekeerd, Netherlands

Alles is Omgekeerd is a house in Middelburg with a rich history. The name of our house means that “everything is upside down” or “everything can change.”

The origional house was built in 1587, with major renovations in 1723 and 1844. The house was used as a print shop for the best part of the 20th century, until it became neglected and unused. In 2021 we worked with the current homeowners to  lovingly restore their living room.


Living Room Walling

Cotton & Silk Damask

Humphries Weaving worked in close collaboration with the homeowners to create an authentic fabric for the walling. The early 18th Century Perquisite Damask was chosen to reflect the period in which the first major renovations occurred in 1723, before we explored suitable colour combinations. Multiple colour pallets were considered under the ever changing lighting conditions in the room, and eventually we wove a beige & gold contrasting Cotton & Silk Damask.

The homeowners then did a magnificent job of installing the fabric themselves for walling. This complex process first involved pattern matching many long panels and seeming them together. Next, the fabric was hung at the top of the wooden pannels on the walling before being pulled taught and stretched into place. The overall result mirrors the many historical influences brought together in this room.


Project Reference: 3893

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