Boston Manor

Boston Manor, West London.

Boston Manor House is a fine Jacobean manor house built in 1623 over three-stories. It is one of West London’s lesser-known historic treasures, set back from Boston Manor Road in Brentford and situated in Boston Manor Park, which contains a lake and ancient cedar trees. At the start of 2019 it began an extensive regeneration project to return the Manor to its former glory, during which each of the rooms were restored to highlight a different period in history. This tells the social history of the house, rather than picking a single moment in time.

The Drawing Room

Pure silk damask for walling & upholstery

During our consultancy & research service for historically accurate restorations like this, we begin by examining the existing textiles evidence within the room. While for this room there was no immediately obvious surviving textiles, during restoration work tiny fragments of blue thread were discovered which set the colour direction.

In conjunction with Textiles Historian Annabel Westman and Harriet Pillman from Purcell Architecture Firm, we consulted our internal colour archive, and selected a rich blue shade which was appropriate to the period of the room.

After careful consideration, a period appropriate design was also selected from our vast archive, the New Pavia. This design has been used for other houses like Marble Hill, Holkham Hall  and Spencer House. It is  also documented within the V&A archive.

Once these important elements had been decided, we custom dyed silk yarn in the chosen shade and wove the fabric for the silk walling and upholstery of the Drawing Room.

Project References: 4218/9


The restoration was documented by Nick Knowles Heritage Rescue. You can follow the restoration in depth on Quests Discovery Channel.


The Bed Chamber

Red silk valentines for the State Bed

Adjacent to Boston Manors Drawing Room filled with rich blue silk damask, you can find the magnificent Red Bed. For the Bed Chamber Humphries Weaving supplied the red bed drapes in the silk valentines qualities, which also compliments the tapestries adorning the walls of the room.

Project References: 4297

The Antechamber

Blue & Red Repp for wall hangings

The final element of the Boston Manor restoration was for the Antechamber. A silk & wool repp was woven in two colours for wall hangings within the room, and loose hung in an alternating stripe layout.

Project References: 4388

To read more about the restoration and our appearance on the Heritage Rescue TV series, click here.